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Weaponizing Apple AirTag to lure users to malicious sites.
Neiman Marcus discloses data breach, payment card data exposed.
Baby died at Alabama Springhill Medical Center due to cyber attack.
Tim’s RED Team Research reports 3 new CVEs, two of which in 4G/5G.
Facebook admitted to have stored millions of Instagram users’ passwords in plaintext.
An attacker was able to siphon audio feeds from multiple Clubhouse rooms.
This service allows checking if your mobile is included in the Facebook leak.
Threat actor offers Clubhouse secret database containing 3.8B phone numbers.
Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps from hundreds of developers.
Twitter allows users to use 2FA without a phone number
Mariah Carey ‘s Twitter Hacked on New Year’s Eve.
Freshly scraped LinkedIn data of 88,000 US business owners shared online.
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