Tuesday, April 10, 2018


(PROOF)MULTIPLE CELEBRITES YOUTUBE ACCOUNT GOT HACKED-VEVO!! (TODAY) HACKED BY Kuroi'SH -+-+-ASK ANY QUESTION HERE+-+-+- --- hey guys this video is in hurry i didnt edit.. the only thing i want is LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE.. VEVO, it’s one of the most popular Copyright holders I have seen in recent years. I’m pretty sure the name alone brings back memories to people who watched their Youtube Videos, or the ones hosted on their website. *Breaking News* YouTube's music video for the hit song Despacito, which has had over five billion views, has been hacked. More than a dozen other artists, including Shakira, Selena Gomez, Drake and Taylor Swift are also affected. The original clips had been posted by Vevo. The Despacito video has been removed, but its cover image had shown a group wearing masks and pointing guns. The hackers, calling themselves Prosox and Kuroi'sh, had written "Free Palestine" underneath the videos. Several of the clips remain live at time of writing. Of those, the actual video content itself appears to be unaltered. Many titles have been changed to include the names of the hackers, but only some feature the replaced cover image. Both YouTube and the music video hosting service Vevo have been contacted for comment. A Twitter account that apparently belongs to one of the hackers posted: "It's just for fun, I just use [the] script 'youtube-change-title-video' and I write 'hacked'." We all know that VEVO is the place where most popular music artists release their videos. The company has become prevalent like MTV did before it. However, the joint company founded by Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Alphabet Inc. and Abu Dhabi Media has suffered a cyber-attack in recent days. The company currently worth $200 Million dollars seems to have missed their cybersecurity lessons. Because they have gotten breached by a hacker group, as mentioned by a VEVO spokesperson to Gizmodo on Friday. “(We) can confirm that VEVO experienced a data breach as a result of a phishing scam via LinkedIn. We have addressed the issue and are investigating the extent of exposure.” The incident happened due to a hacker squad by the name of “OurMine”. This isn’t the first time they do an operation of this caliber, either. COMMENT LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE

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